PhD Thesis/Dissertation Award

IAWS wishes to provide recognition to outstanding thesis/dissertation research at the PhD level by students throughout the world.
The competition is limited to students receiving their degrees in other than their native country



Hatem Abushammala - PhD Award 2016

Novel Ionic Liquid- Mediated Technologies for the Extraction of Nanocellulose Directly from Wood


Wim Willems - PhD Award 2016

Lecture presented at the 2017 IAWS Plenary Meeting in Bali/Indonesia (26-29 September)

Physical modeling of moisture content and fungal resistance properties of thermally modified timber


Michaela Zauner - PhD Award 2015

Lecture presented at the 2016 IAWS Plenary Meeting in Paris/France

In- sito synchrotron based tomographic microscopy of uniaxially loaded wood: In- situ testing device, procedures and experimental investigations


Muhammad Shabir (Mahr) - PhD Award 2015

Wood modification with titania- and silica- based precursors:
      A novel approach to prepare multifunctional sol- gel derived Tio²/ Sio² wood- inorganic coposites


Shuai Li - PhD Award 2014

Transforming Lignocelluloses to sugars and liquid fuels


Sergio José Sanabria Martín- PhD Award 2013

Lecture presented at the 2013 IAWS Plenary Meeting in Nanjing/China

Air-coupled ultrasound propagation and novel non-destructive bonding quality assessment of timber composites


Houssine Sehaqui - PhD Award 2012

Lecture presented at the 2012 IAWS Plenary Meeting in Zvolen/Slovakia

Material processing based on wood nanofibrillated cellulose


Katherina Beck - PhD Award 2011

Lecture presented at the 2011 IAWS Plenary Meeting in Stockholm/Sweden

Development of a new engineered wood product for structural applications made from trembling aspen and paper birch