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We are pleased to announce the publication of the English edition of "Anatomical Database and Atlas of Chinese Woods" on June 30, 2022. First of all, thanks to all authors and contributors for their hard work. This is an example of the fruit of many years of joint research between Kyoto University and Nanjing Forestry University. In fact, it took 20 long years to publish the fruits of this collaboration! We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all those involved in both countries.

Our database describes the anatomical characteristics of 1255 species, 470 genera, and 120 families of Chinese wood (including some imported species), including softwoods and hardwoods. The database also includes a distribution map, stereomicroscopic images, and nine color micrographs of each species to provide a more detailed features of the anatomical structure.

All species can be displayed on the screen either by scientific name according to the APG-IV classification or by the scientific name used in the "Flora of China" website.
There are three types of publications. Although the database is written in English, all editions have the scientific name, Chinese name, and pinyin. So, for those who know the Chinese name of trees, it is easy to search for a tree species, even if they are unfamiliar with the scientific name.

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1. On-line edition: 27,500 JPY (including tax)
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30,000 JPY (no tax and no shipping fee for foreigners)
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38,500 JPY (including tax) + shipping fee
3. eBook edition: 22,000 JPY (including tax)

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